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Welcome to Burning Mark, a Death Eater newsletter. This community is closed to new members; please friend this community in order to watch it.

burningmark is a weekly newsletter, to be updated Sundays, featuring fic and art, both new and old, related to the Death Eaters, as well as Death Eater -related news, and This Week In Evil.

Why a reclist devoted entirely to the Death Eaters? Because despite their prominence in fandom, there isn't currently a functioning newsletter or reclist system to showcase them in all of their dark glory. This newsletter is to spotlight those writers and artists who devote their time to exploring the gruesome, the intriguing, the sexual, the shadowed and mysterious world of the Death Eaters.

Death Eaters are people, too, and we feel they deserve their share of the limelight.

The Death Eaters being who they are, this list will frequently link to works of art or fiction that are rated R, NC17, Adult, or otherwise Not Work-Safe. Please be advised of this. We'll always post the ratings and warnings when we recommend a fic, so check before you click.

What we are looking for:

1) Fic or art pertaining to the Death Eaters.
Please keep it to all Death Eater related fic/art. (Yes, that should be self-explanatory, but there's always that one person...

One thing we would like to note on this: While we are trying to keep up with the new works being released, we also LOVE high quality older fiction/art. Too often great works get overlooked simply because they're posted at the wrong time, and never showcased again. Is there a Death Eater piece out there that you absolutely love and want to share with the world? Send it to our way! We'll consider it for a special section we will have featuring the best quality Death Eater works on the Internet!

2) Essays/theories/etc. concerning the Death Eaters: Holding a discussion about the dynamics of the Cruciatus Curse? Conducting a poll regarding Snape's guilt or guilt innocence? Expounding your viewpoint on JKR's lack of math skills? Let us know!

3) Really, anything Death Eater of interest. Having a Death Eater meetup? Gathering pictures of various Death Eater costumes? Trying to gather information on people's perceptions of the group? Presenting a roundtable discussion on Lucius Malfoy at a HP convention? Send news of it our way! We'll be happy to include it in our newsletter.

4) Where to Send It: Please send your Death Eater-related recommendations to burningmark at gmail.com, or comment the latest entry. If you're interested in having your journal added to the f-list of our watcher journal, evil_cookies, please comment to this post.

You're probably asking yourself, what is this "this week in evil" thing at the bottom of every newsletter? "This Week in Evil" is just a jazzy little snippet we thought would add a litte more interest to the newsletter. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is something canon (as defined by the Lexicon). Some items with a notable historical, legendary, or mythological basis will be noted as such. Anything else comes purely out of our warped imaginations. These events also may not always be limited to those of a wizarding nature -- we appreciate all forms of evil-doing here, and as your mods have a rather sick sense of humour, we feel it our duty to propagate knowledge of particularly heinous historical events. Knowledge is power! Enjoy!

burningmark is a reclist created and maintained by charming_goats, roguebelle and vikingcarrot.

charming_goats: is a 25 year old who changes careers like most people do socks. She fangirls the Death Eaters, Firefly, and the Founding Fathers like woah. She'll take down anyone who tries to claim her beloved Thomas Jefferson. When she's not online geeking over fandoms, you can find her reading, pretending she's decent at writing and various other artistic works, and hanging around renaissance faires and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

roguebelle is a 22 year old graduate from William and Mary, currently between jobs, and when she's not scouring the web for Death Eater wonderfulness, she's writing, performing Shakespeare, and trying to avoid becoming a grown-up. Her favourite pairings are Bellatrix/Rodolphus, for the sheer glory of it, and Bellatrix/Sirius, no matter how much Heather makes fun of her for her Blackcest; though she loves JK, she detests the woman's utter lack of basic arithmetic skills.

vikingcarrot is a 21 year old medieval history student who thinks the Celts and Vikings are God, and would like to please relocate to her ancestral home as soon as humanly possible. In her spare time, she likes to draw Death Eaters and other unsavoury things, role-play, and get metal jammed through various parts of her body. Do not take away her beloved music, for this one cannot survive without it.